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Working Papers

  • Unpacking the Entrepreneurial Process after Failure: The Role of Attribution and Behavioral Responses in Technology-Based Startups (with Aaron Chatterji and Wonjoon Kim)
    • Reject and resubmit

  • Shadow of Rapid Adoption of Automation Technology during COVID-19: From Job Loss to Entrepreneurship (with Taekyun Kim, Wonjoon Kim, and Hyejin Youn)
    • Under review

  • How Online Platforms Address Institutional Failures: The Case of Craigslist in Lowering Barriers to Entrepreneurship (with Namil Kim, and Yongwook Paik)
    • Ready to submit

  • Anti-Labor Environments And Employee Entrepreneurship: Evidence From Right-To-Work Laws (with Namil Kim, and Dennis Haemin Park)
    • Under review

  • COVID-19 and Minority Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the Kauffman Microdata (with Taekyun Kim, and Wonjoon Kim)
    • Under review

  • Are Researchers More Likely To Succeed When They Start a Technology-Based Startup? (with Jeoungbong Han, and Wonjoon Kim)
    • Under review

Work in Progress

  • Labor Mobility Barrier and Corporate Venture Capital: Evidence from Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine
    • Work in Progress (Data analysis)

  • Understanding the Effects of Government Matching Funds on Tech Start-Ups to Design Better Entrepreneurship Policy (with World Bank Group)
    • Work in Progress (Data analysis)