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  1. Unpacking the Entrepreneurial Process after Failure: The Role of Attribution and Behavioral Responses in Technology-Based Startups
    Daehyun KimWonjoon Kim*, Haejun JungAaron Chatterji, and Sunghyun Cho
    Reject and resubmit, Strategic Management Journal
    • Anti-Labor Environments and Employee Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Right-To-Work Laws
      Daehyun KimNamil Kim*, and Haemin Dennis Park
      Second revision requested, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
      • How Digital Platforms Unintentionally Foster Entrepreneurial Activities: The Case of the Staggered Entry of Craigslist
        Daehyun KimNamil Kim*, and Yongwook Paik
        First revision requested, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

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        1. How Does A New Venture’s Technological Uniqueness Influence Venture Capital Funding Outcomes?”
          Daehyun KimHaemin Dennis Park, and Shu Deng
          • Empowering to Scale Global: Evidence from the German Accelerator Program
            David HellerDaehyun Kim, and Dietmar Harhoff
            • Information Environment and Learning-By-Hiring: Evidence from the American Inventor’s Protection Act
              Shu DengHaemin Dennis Park, and Daehyun Kim
              • When Jobs Automate: Entrepreneurship as an Alternative Career Path
                Daehyun KimTaekyun Kim*Wonjoon Kim, and Hyejin Youn

                Published and Forthcoming Articles


                1. Are researchers more likely to succeed when they start a technology-based startup?
                  Jeoungbong HanDaehyun Kim*Wonjoon Kim, and Cho Sunghyun
                  Applied Economics Letters, 2023


                  1. The effect of patent protection on firms’ market value: the case of the renewable energy sector
                    Daehyun KimNamil Kim, and Wonjoon Kim*
                    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2018